Marine Energy Consulting Ltd and 20|20 collaborate to produce a definitive study on the impact of global sulphur regulations

Study to include impact of landmark regulation and insights influencing decision-making for all stakeholders in the marine fuel supply chain.

Marine Energy Consulting Ltd. (MECL) and 20|20 Marine Energy, two leading consultancies in this field, today announced that they will collaborate to produce a comprehensive evaluation of the impact of MARPOL Annex VI global sulphur regulations on the shipping industry.

Too Big To Fail: Hanjin's Impact On Bunkering — Immediate Exposure Could Exceed $100M

When shipping rode the financial crisis of 2008/2009, there was always a view that certain companies in the industry were just too big to fail.

It was assumed that the banks, shareholders and other industry stakeholders and institutions would give them their full support to ensure continuity; the alternative was simply not an option.